How to Add Personal Queues

Personal Queues are individual queues that will only route to the agent that is assigned to the personal queue.  If an agent is not showing up as a transfer option, this is likely because that agent does not have a personal queue setup.  Once the personal queue is set up, this will allow an agent to transfer calls to individual agents by transferring through their personal queues.  Keep in mind, an agent must be in the system so that they can be assigned a personal queue.

To add personal queues, follow these steps:

1. Click Configuration

2. Under Pulse Setup, click Queues, which you'll find under the column titled Call Routing

3. Click the green +Queue button toward the top right corner.  This will open the page where you will create a personal queue.

4. Give the queue a name (usually the agent's name) and adjust the queue's settings to your liking.  Under Name will be Type.  Make sure to switch the type of queue to 'Agent.'  

5. The last box you can fill out will be the Agent which is where you'll select which agent will be assigned to this queue.  Clicking the drop-down menu will allow you to choose an agent to assign to the personal queue.  Only agents without personal queues assigned will show up here.  If the desired agent is not showing up on the drop-down menu AND they are an agent in the system, this means they already have a personal queue assigned to them.  Adjust accordingly.

6. Once finished filling out the page, hit Save Queue at the bottom of the page.

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