How to Add Properties into the Lead Form

To add properties into TRACK Pulse, you'll first need to create a custom field.  To create a custom field, which is where you'll eventually enter in your properties, go to:

Configuration > CRM Setup > Custom Fields > +Custom Field

Once there, you can create a number of custom fields so look to Page Help, on the right hand side, for guidance on what you want to build.  For adding properties, the best Field Type will be Multi Select.

1. Make sure to change the field type to Multi Select and name the custom field under Label.

2. Scroll past Select Values and you will see a number of boxes you can edit to your liking.

3. Finally, you can add your properties.  To do so, simply put the name, label, or code of the property you wish to add in Handle AND Label.  Once you've added all properties, hit Save Field at the bottom of the page.

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