How to Navigate Call Plans

Call Plans is the tool to set up how calls will start to route throughout TRACK Pulse and when to route to certain menus, queues, or numbers.

To get to Call Plans: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Call Plans


Once you click on Call Plans, you'll be brought to the Call Plans page where you'll be able to see the current call plans; if they have a greeting and what their routing settings are.  To get a more in-depth look, click the green edit button to the right of the desired call plan.  To create a new call plan, click the green +Call Plan button toward the top right.

Whether you choose to edit a current call plan or make a new call plan, the system will bring you to the Edit Call Plans page.  From here, you can name your call plan, and choose where you want to route phone numbers connected to this call plan during business hours and after hours.  Below those settings is where you can set your business hours.  Calls within this time frame will follow the Business Hours Routing setting while calls outside these hours will follow the Closed Hours Routing setting.

If you want to upload your own greeting message, you can click 'Select file' to upload a .wav or .mp3 file to the Greeting field.

Once finished, click Save Call Plan.

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