How to Navigate Queues

To get to queues: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Queues


Once you click Queues, that will bring you to the Queues page which will show you all of the queues in your system.  You can remove, edit, or create a new queue from here.  To create a new queue, click the +Queue button toward the top right.

Whether you edit a current queue or create a new queue, they will both bring you to the Edit Queue page.  From here, you'll set up your queue.

Title the queue on the Name field and choose whether it will be a group queue or an agent queue.  The group queue will allow for more than one agent to be in this queue.  The agent queue is for one agent only.  Each agent should have a personal queue so other agents can transfer to them through their queue.

If its a group queue, you'll need to select a Fail Over Action.  The Fail Over Action is the action TRACK Pulse takes when no agents are available in the agent dashboard.  You can also elect to set up an overflow action where you can set a fail over action and when these actions will take place based on the number of calls waiting and the amount of time they have waited.

Whether it is a group queue or agent queue, you can elect to set up a Max Wait fail over action which will take place when a caller waits longer than max wait time limit which you can set up in this section.

Below those optional features, you can upload your own greeting and wait audio files.  Below Audio, you can choose whether or not a caller has the option to go to voicemail.

The last section is Agents.  In this section, if it is a group queue, you'll put a number in the field next to the names you want in this queue.  That number is their agent rank in that queue.  If you want everyone to be equal, rank everyone 0.  If it is an agent queue, you'll select which agent you want to assign this queue to.

 Once finished, click Save Queue

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