How to Navigate Agents

To get to Agents: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Agents

Once you've reached the agents page, you'll be able to see all the agents in the system.  From here, you can edit or create a new agent.  To create a new agent, click +Agent in the top right.

Once you've clicked edit or +Agent, you'll be brought to the Edit Agent page.

Here is where you'll enter the agent's name, agent role, and pickup type, which is how they will pick up the phone. Just below this field, by default, the default caller ID will be selected as the outbound caller ID for agents.

Disabling recording options is also available, but right below this is where you'll set up the agent's destinations, which is how they'll be able to take phone calls.

The next field, Personal Queue, is important because having a personal queue set up for an agent will allow other agents to transfer to them.  You can set this up here or go to Queues and set up a personal queue that way.

The last field is Group Queues.  You can assign agents and their rank to those queues in this field.

Once finished, hit Save Agent.

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