How to Navigate Agent Statuses

Agent Statuses are the ways to let TRACK Pulse, and other agents, know what their status is within the system, whether that be ready for a call, on lunch break, or busy wrapping up a call.

To get to Agent Statuses: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Agent Statuses


Once you've reached the Agent Statuses page, you'll be able to see the agent status options that agents are able to select when in the Agent Dashboard.  You can edit or create new agent statuses from this page.  Hit +Agent Status to create a new agent status.

By hitting the edit or +Agent Status button, you'll be brought to the Agent Status Setup page.

From here, you'll title the agent status, select what category or type of status it is, and select warning and urgent durations which are optional.

Warning and urgent durations are used to identify the users that are not complying with the system.

Once finished, hit Save Status at the bottom.

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