How to Navigate Voicemail Boxes

To get to Voicemail Boxes: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Voicemail Boxes


Once you click Voicemail Boxes, you'll land on the Voicemail Boxes page where you can see all of your voicemail boxes.  From here, you can remove, edit, or create a new voicemail box.  To create a new voicemail box, click the green +Voicemail Box.

Whether you choose to edit a current voicemail box or make a new voicemail box, they'll both bring you to the Edit Voicemail Box page.  On this page, you can name your voicemail box, insert a greeting file, and select a notification email which will be the email that a notification goes to when a voicemail comes into the system.

Below Notification Email, is the Access Control where you can click the Agents field that will pop up agents.  This allows you to select who gains access to this particular voicemail box.  If you want everyone to have access to this voicemail box, leave it blank.

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