How to Navigate Menus

Menus are optional when setting up your TRACK Pulse settings.  For those who want callers to go through menu options to get to the right department, rather than going straight to an agent, please read on.

To get to Menus: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Menus


Once you click Menus, you'll be brought to the Menus page where you can see the menus in your system.  In the top right, you can click +Menu to create a new menu.

Whether you choose to edit a current menu or create a new menu, you'll be brought to the menu setup page.  From here, you'll want to title your menu and insert your menu greeting file to the Menu Greeting field.

Below these fields are the menu fields where you will select which options you want for your menu.  These options can be queues, other menus, directory numbers, or voicemails.  Each option number represents the number on one's phone.  For example, Option 1 would be where a caller would be sent if they pressed 1 on their phone.

Once finished, press Save Menu at the bottom.

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