How to Navigate Call Score Templates

Call Score Templates are templates or outlines that one will use when call scoring.  They contain the questions and grading scales for each question.

To get to Call Score Templates: Configuration>Pulse Setup>Call Score Templates


Once you've reached the Call Score Templates page, you'll be able to see your call score templates that are in your system.  From here, you can edit or create new call score templates.

By clicking the edit button or +Score Template button, you'll be brought to the Edit Call Score Template setup page.  Firstly, title your call score template.  Mark as active if you want to be able to use it right away.

Secondly, you'll begin to put in your call score metrics.  Under Metric, you'll type in what that particular metric will entail.  To the right of the metric description, you can set how the metric is scored by having a yes/no option or scaling the metric, meaning they can get partial credit.  Weight determines how much that metric is worth.  For example, if Q1 has a weight of 15 and Q2 has a weight of 5, if an agent performs Q1 perfectly but fails Q2, they would still receive a score of 15/20 or 75% because Q1 is weighted more.  Hit +Metric to add additional metrics.

Once finished, hit Save Template toward the bottom of the page.

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