How to Navigate Lead Auto Close Rules

Lead Auto Close Rules are rules set in your Pulse system that will automatically close leads if certain rules have not been met in a given time period.  Lead Auto Close Rules are set to keep your lead stream clean and keep the lead stream consisting of leads that are actually being worked on.

To get to Lead Auto Close Rules: Configuration>CRM Setup>Lead Auto Close Rules


Once you've reached the Lead Auto Close Rules page, you'll be able to see the auto close rules in your system.  Usually, there is just one.  You can edit a rule or create a new rule by hitting the +Rule in the top right.

This will bring you to the Edit Lead Auto Close Rules page.

The first step will be to title your auto close rule and check mark the basic settings you want, including choosing the Close Lost Reason for auto closes, having the system check for the arrival date on leads, and having the option for rules to skip high priority (4 and 5 star) leads.

The next section is Activity Checks.  Activity checks will do what their title entails; check for a certain activity in relation to the inactivity period.  For example, if the inactivity period is 3 days and Check Outbound Email is check marked, if that was the only communication over the last 3 days, it will not close the lead and will automatically restart the 3 day countdown until the next check marked activity.  The rule will not count activities that are not check marked and will close.

Once you've created or edited your auto close rule, hit Save Close Rule.

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