How to Navigate Leads

Leads is where you will find all leads that have ever been saved in TRACK Pulse.  This is where you can go to interact with leads, edit or create leads, remove them, or even export leads to another file.

To get to Leads: CRM (left toolbar)>Leads


On the Leads pages, you have a number of actions you can take, which was mentioned above.  You can also filter down the leads to retrieve the leads you are looking for in a much faster manner.  My Leads will filter to show your leads. High Priority Leads will filter the pages down to just show 4 or 5 star leads.  Follow Up Today will detail only leads that have a follow up set for today.  You can also filter the leads by All, Open, Closed, or Archived.  Additionally, you can search for a contact in the search bar to the right of +Lead.

If you click View or +Lead, you'll be taken to the disposition screen where you can edit the contact and lead forms.  Please check out the Agent Dashboard Tutorial Videos to see how you can interact with the disposition pages.  For the purpose of this article, we recommend checking out the New Leads, Internal Notes, and External Emails videos.

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