How to Navigate Campaigns

Campaigns are a tool used to track statistics from a specific source.  How this is done is by assigning a unique phone number and email to a specific source or channel.  An example of this would be a Google PPC campaign.  That campaign would receive its own phone number and email so any emails or calls that came through this channel could be tracked.

To get to Campaigns: CRM (Left Sidebar)>Campaigns




On the Campaigns page, you can view all of your campaigns and each campaign will be detailed by the name of the campaign, the brand that the campaign is associated with, if it is active or not, the token which is for tracking purposes, and the phone number associated to the campaign.

To the right of each campaign, you'll have three options to interact with the campaign.  The first is View.  Hitting View on a campaign will bring you to the View Campaign page which will initially show you the stats of the campaign, as well as, campaign information consisting of the name of the campaign, phone number, and the tracking url associated to the campaign.  In addition, you can toggle to see all leads, calls, and numbers associated to that campaign.


The second button is the edit button.  Clicking this would be the same as clicking +Campaign except the information will already be there based on the associated campaign.  On the Update Campaign page, you can edit or create a campaign to your liking.  Starting in General Information, you'll insert the name of the campaign, description, what type of lead, the brand associated to the lead, option to make it active, and is given the unique token that is used for tracking purposes.

The next step will be to assign the campaign a phone number that should already be in TRACK Pulse and then set the tracking dates if need be, though this is usually left blank as most campaigns are ongoing.  Once finished creating the campaign, click Save Campaign.


The last button is the delete button.  As you can probably guess, this will delete the campaign.

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