Setting Passwords and Accepting Invitations

In order to access the TRACK Pulse system, you will need to have an account.  If you are a Reservation Specialist or an Agent, your Manager or Department Head will need to invite you into TRACK.  You will receive this invitation via email.  Within the email is a link to create a password and gain access to the system.

The most important aspect associated with the sending of invites (and resetting a password) is that the token links are only good for 24 hours.  So make sure you accept the invitation and do not let it sit in your inbox.  If you miss the 24 hour deadline, TRACK is unable to resend you your invite.  Invites are sent by the client only.

If you are a Manager or Supervisor who needs to resend an invitation to an employee, you will need to go into the Configuration section.  Once in Configuration, open the Company Setup tab and click into Users.  From there, find the User who needs the invitation resent and click the "Resend Invite" button in the upper right hand corner.


If you DO NOT see the 'Resend Invite' button it means that the user has already accepted their initial invite to your system and has also set their password. In this case if the user has forgotten their password then they need to go through the 'Forgot Password?' link on your system login page. User needs to click the 'Forgot Password' link and then enter in username and click 'Next' button. Once the 'Next' button is clicked the user will be sent an email where they will need to set a new password.



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