Release Notes | July 7, 2017


New Sales Link: Maestro PMS

If you use Maestro PMS as your property management system, TRACK Pulse has a new Sales Link connection for you which will help you keep your Pulse sales data and your PMS reservation data in sync. Here is our Maestro Data Sheet on this new connection with further details.

If you use Maestro PMS and Pulse please contact us at to take advantage of this new connection.

New View Sales Page

We've added a new user privilege to just allow the user to have access to view Sales without the option to edit.



We also added an Audit Log on the 'View Sale' page that will show you any changes and which user made the update. The audit log will only show data from July 7th and forward. The following sales fields are what will show up in the audit log if changed:

  1. Value
  2. Arrival Date
  3. Departure Date
  4. Adults
  5. Children
  6. Is Cancelled (yes or no)
  7. Cancelled At Date



  1. Added Sales Link and Brand filters to the Sales Export tool.


  1. Fixed minor issue when phone number is purchased through system.

Property Management System

  1. Fixed an issue with HomeAway connection when arrival date was restricted to only certain days of the week. For example if you restricted stays to just check-in only on a Saturday.
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