Release Notes | July 26, 2017


New Agent Notifications

TRACK is excited to announce the addition of web push notifications within the Agent Dashboard that are clickable messages sent to your chrome browser. These notifications are sent to you if you've subscribed to receive a notification. As these notifications are pushed to a subscriber’s chrome browser, subscribers don’t have to be present within the Agent Dashboard to receive these notifications.

Agent Notifications Training Video



Each agent has the option to enable or disable each notification they want to receive. To access the setting while on the Agent Dashboard go to the Agent Dashboard > Settings button > Select Notifications to receive.



Conversation Assigned: Agent receives notification when a call or chat is assigned to them (only applies to agents on auto-routing and does not apply to agents on manual pickup)

New Conversation in Group Queue: Agent receives notification when a call or chat waiting a group queue to be answered. If call or chat gets auto routed to an agent there will not be no notification fired.

New Conversation in Personal Queue: Agent receives notification when a call or chat is waiting an agent's personal queue.

New Chat Message: Notification will appear to agent when the agent is working in a different tab so the agent is aware that a new chat message is available.

Disable All Sounds: Each notification listed above has a sound so this preference allows an agent to turn off all sounds at once.

New Goals Performance Dashboard Report

Goals Performance Dashboard report shows goals, actuals, and percent variance (between goal and actual) along with breakdown of contribution to actual.

Report Location: Reports > Pulse Reports tab > Goals Performance Dashboard


New Agent Conversation Productivity Report

Agent Conversation Productivity report shows breakdown of time usage within a conversation (call/chat) broken down by agent.

Report Location: Reports > Pulse Reports tab > Agent Conversation Productivity


New Campaign Revenue Report

Campaign Revenue shows you revenue numbers (based on sales records) by each of your different campaigns.

Report Location: Reports > Pulse Reports tab > Campaign Revenue


New Call Diagram Report (limited release-available soon to everyone)

Call Diagram report visually displays all incoming and outgoing calls into the system and where the calls are ending up.

Report Location: Reports > Pulse Reports tab > Call Diagram


New Sales Link: BrightSide Rental Management

If you use BrightSide Rental Management software as your property management system, TRACK Pulse has a new Sales Link connection for you which will help you keep your Pulse sales data and your PMS reservation data in sync.

If you use BrightSide Rental Management and Pulse please contact us at to take advantage of this new connection.

Property Management System

New Reservation Charge Assessment Report (limited release-available soon to everyone)
New report added to show you different views to make sure you have all your reservation charges setup at a unit level within the 'Reservation Charges by Unit' setup page.
  1. Fixed issue with 'Tax by Unit - Rent and Extras' report Total Extra Tax column.
  2. Update to the Credit Deposit tool to include payments that match exact amount but does not match exact guest name. This amount will only show if no other exact amount are found with exact guest name.
  3. Booking Summary report: Added new multi select Reservation Status filter.
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