Release Notes | August 18, 2017


New AI-Powered TRACK Secure Messaging platform for HomeAway and Airbnb

TRACK Secure Messaging is designed to help professional property managers maximize conversion rates and revenue from the two largest vacation rental listing sites. The AI-powered secure messaging platform will help your businesses quickly, accurately and effortlessly respond to inquiry questions from HomeAway and Airbnb users while providing one location to sync and respond to all messages, and to view critical inquiry data such as unit data, dates and the contact name.

Inquiry Page:


Get more details by reviewing our Secure Messaging Product Data Sheet.


  1. Fixed issue where call routing could see invalid data after lock was acquired.
  2. Fixed timezone issue on lead email notifications.

Property Management System

New PointCentral Unit Code Mismatch Report
New report added will show you any reservations where the PointCentral unit door codes do match with the reservation dates. If you see any mismatches you can go to the reservation from the report and you can manual reset the code.
Report Location: Reports > PMS Reports > Front Desk section > PointCentral Unit Code Mismatch
  1. Check-in and Checkout Reports: Added all guest emails and phone numbers to export of these two reports.
  2. Owner Payment Method Report: The report will now only show active owners and the CSV export will no longer show duplicate rows of same data.
  3. PointCentral API update: Switched API to LoginToSingleSystem instead of LoginNew within Reservation and Work Orders when generating door codes.
  4. Added preference to allow users to override the booking agent on a reservation. If preference is turned on a user can select the booking agent on any reservation type. Preference is located within Configuration > PMS Setup tab > Reservation section > Preferences > Field Name: Online Reservation Set Agent.
  5. Added Full Bathrooms in Guest App (Rental Tab).
  6. Removed accommodationsSummary from HA listing feed pulling from "Additional Information" on unit profile amenities.
  7. Added owner accounts that are flagged as active to be included in the generating of owner statements instead of just looking to see if owner has an active unit.
  8. Fixed issue with Cleaner Pay List not showing amount if amount was inherited by location node in unit profile.
  9. Fixed issue with reservation fees where quantity field is greyed out, amount charged field is set to 0.00 and greyed out and the "+ Add a Fee..." dropdown no longer displays the reservation fees applicable to the reservation type.
  10. Fixed issue with Maintenance Portal users missing action button to complete work orders.
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