Agent Status Definitions

1. Available - Agent is logged in and set to available - Ready to take call.
2. Away - Agent is set to away status - will not receive calls.
3. Busy - Agent is Busy with a contact/lead.
4. Busy - Conversation - Agent is on a call
5. Busy - Listening - Manager status - Manager is listening into a live phone call.
6. Busy - Wrap-up - Agent is finished with a call and needs to save disposition. Once saved the agent will be set to “Active Available.”
7. Login - Default status when you login. Agent will not receive calls in this status until they set themselves to “Active Available.”
8. No Answer - If a call comes in and the agent is set to active available, and they do not answer in a specified period of time then that agent will be put into a “No Answer” status. They will be unable to take phone calls until they set themselves to “Active Available.”
9. Personal Break - Agent is taking a short break. When they come back they will need to set themselves to “Active Available.”
10. Project - (Away Status) Agent has stepped away or is working on another project. Used in conjunction with breaks to allow the agent additional time to finish up additional tasks.
11. Ready - Active Available.

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