What Happens When Your Phone Number Won't Port Over?

On occasion, TRACK Pulse will receive notification from our voice provider, Twilio, that a phone number might not be able to port due to being located in a “Rate Center”.  What this essentially means is that the TRACK client that is going through implementation is unable to have their number ported because their current carrier will not give up a local phone number due to a dwindling number of local numbers within their possession.

Should you have this result when trying to port your number, you’ll have a few additional options.  The first, would be to contact your phone carrier and request a Carrier Side Forwarding which means you would purchase a number through TRACK Pulse and then have your carrier forward all calls from your publicly facing number(s) to a number purchased within TRACK Pulse.  The other option would be to purchase a number through TRACK Pulse and make that your new advertised number.

It should be noted that all numbers that you port into TRACK Pulse or purchase through TRACK Pulse will be your numbers.  TRACK Pulse will not own the phone numbers and should you ever want you numbers back, they belong to you.  

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