Why Did One Of My Leads Close Automatically?

From time to time you might look for a lead and have trouble finding it under the Leads tab.  When this happens, open the Status drop down box and select the option "All."


When this option is selected, you will then be able to view every lead within TRACK that has been assigned to you.  If you so a search for the lead you are looking for in the search box on the right hand side, you will find your missing lead.

Chances are that the lead you have been looking for is now a Closed Lead which would explain why you didn't see it listed among your Open Leads.  The likely reason for this Lead closing without your knowledge is due to TRACK's Auto-Close rules.

Auto-Close is a feature of TRACK Pulse that automatically closes a lead when it becomes stagnant. What this means is your company decided on a set number of days (typically 3-5) and if a there is no communication* between an Agent and a Lead during that time, the lead will automatically close.  In most scenarios, you will need a Manager to reopen closed leads.



*No communication could mean all or some of the following, be sure to check with your manager for your company's exact specifications:

-No inbound calls

-No outbound calls

-No inbound emails

-No outbound emails

-No Voicemails

-No updates to external notes

-No updates to lead form

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