Voicemail Notifications

When a Lead calls in and leaves a voicemail, the voicemail will automatically be populated within the Lead Form.  The Agent will automatically be notified that one of their Leads left a voicemail (both through their email and within the Activities Tab within the Agent Dashboard). 

A common concern with some companies is what would happen if that Agent is not in that day, or even out of the office on vacation. More specifically--how will the rest of the reservation team know that a voicemail has been left by this Lead?

There are two ways to go about knowing if a Lead has left a voicemail.  The first is to go into the Voicemail Box in the CRM. When a voicemail comes into TRACK and is already associated with an assigned lead, the voicemail will be automatically be designated as Processed and will appear in the Processed Tab. 

The second way to be notified of all voicemails is to make sure you have a voicemail set up for notification purposes.  This can be set up by going into CONFIGURATION -> PULSE SETUP -> VOICEMAIL BOXES and establishing an email address that will have all email notifications sent to it (see picture below). We recommend selecting an email address that all agents (or at the very least, all managers) have access to.  Screen_Shot_2017-08-18_at_11.03.48_AM.png

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