Why You Should Avoid Hunt Groups

During TRACK Pulse implementations, on occasion, a customer will tell us that they want all of their phones to ring at the same time and let their Agents play "first come, first serve".  Sometimes, a request will be to have all phones ring so that even people not signed into TRACK (such as maintenance or housekeeping employees) can answer the call and put the caller on hold while they wait for the next available Agent.

The bottom line is that it simply isn’t best practice to do this within the hospitality industry for a couple of service level issues as well as making sure the guest has the best experience possible. What research has shown, and based on research by TRACK on this exact subject is that if a caller gets prompted by someone answering the phone and is immediately put on hold, they actually have a higher probability of abandoning and not actually waiting to be answered then by waiting and being put into a queue right away.  They’re actually put into a mindset that says, “I’m not important right now and I should just call back later” or “I should just call another company”.  That’s why this is no longer General Best Practice and this is why we encourage not doing this.

Here are some of the key benefits with TRACK that you will lose by using a hunt group:

-The abandonment statistic would be inaccurate.  It would look like you have a high ABANDONMENT RATE , in reality, you are probably getting a lot of those calls picked up outside of the system.

-You will not be getting accurate CONVERSION STATISTICS because once we pull a call outside of TRACK, the conversion will not be indicated within TRACK. This would cause your Agent’s statistics to be off.  And the reason why a lot of clients are making the shift and ditching hunt groups is because it brings clarity into their call center.  They’re able to understand which agents are converting and performing better.  Which are handling calls more effectively and efficiently.  Who is actually marking leads.  So the more calls we allow to push outside of the system, the less value you will get from the system.

These are big reasons why we push and why we train all of our agents and all of our clients to keep as many of the phone calls--especially reservation based phone calls in the TRACK Pulse system.

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