How To Be Accurate With Your Conversation Results

Whether you are a seasoned TRACK Pulse user or currently going through training, one thing you've certainly been told before is how important it is to be accurately marking your Conversation Results. 

So what exactly do each one of the Conversation Results mean?  Let's take a look at some of the standard results one by one*.



Won - Reservation: When the caller decides to book.  You will be required to enter the reservation number and final value of the lead when selecting this result.


Lead - New: When a new or existing contact calls to inquire about booking.


Lead - Existing: When a call comes through from a current lead.


Lost - No Sale:  When the lead informs you that they are no longer interested in booking with your company.  You will be required to select a Lost Reason upon picking this Conversation Result. 


Transfer: A call is transferred to another Agent or outside of the TRACK Pulse system.


Hang-Up: TRACK will automatically assign this Conversation Result to any call that is disconnected before reaching an Agent.


Voicemail: The TRACK Pulse system will automatically assign this Conversation Result to any call that isn't serviced by an Agent and fails over to a company voicemail box.


General Questions: Whenever someone calls in with basic, non-lead related, inquiries such as "What time does the spa open?" or "Do you allow pets?"



*Conversation Results might vary from company to company

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