Release Notes | August 31, 2017


New Content Blocks

Content blocks are pre-configured to be quickly inserted into Emails/Templates before being sent to a guest. Use content blocks to format text and images describing your units and areas of interest.

Setup Screen:


Choose Content Block(s) to include within Email Template:

New Sales Link: RoomKeyPMS

If you use RoomKeyPMS software as your property management system, TRACK Pulse has a new Sales Link connection for you which will help you keep your Pulse sales data and your PMS reservation data in sync.

If you use RoomKeyPMS and TRACK Pulse please contact us at to take advantage of this new connection.


  1. Fixed issue with outbound recording notification message not displaying properly on the Agent Dashboard when an agent made an outbound call.
  2. Fixed issue with offline chats not indexing properly.

Property Management System

New Guest Payment Portal

Guests can now access a new Payment Portal to make payments towards their stay. Payments processed are automatically tied to the guest's reservation and payment is deducted from their remaining balance due.


Payment Page:

New Reservation Resource Report
New report shows breakdown of reservations by month for In-House, Online, Owner, and by Channel (example: HomeAway) with total reservations and total rent calculated at the bottom.
Report Location: Reports > PMS Reports tab > Statistics section > Reservation Source
New Credit Card Deposit Reconciled Report
New report shows shows you all your credit card deposits over a date range so you can review to make sure you are reconciling each day.
Report Location: Reports > PMS Reports tab > Statistics section > Credit Card Deposit Reconciled
New Unit Management Revenue Report
New report shows revenue for Property Management Company by check-in and checkout date broken down by unit.
Report Location: Reports > PMS Reports tab > Accounting section > Unit Management Revenue
  1. Fixed and re-calculated all owner balances.
  2. Updated General Ledger report to include Company Owner name.
  3. Made the Company Owner name a link in Unit Owner History report to the Owner Account.
  4. Fixed issue with duplicate amenities causing integration errors with HomeAway.
  5. Added amenity categories to both popup and guest app.
  6. Fixed issue with Min Night Stay Override on TRACK Connect Word-Press Plug-in. The issue was that the override didn't work if you were reducing the min. stay count from 4 nights to 2 nights for example.
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