Release Notes | September 18, 2017


New Sales History Shown On Agent Dashboard

New Sales tab added to the Agent Dashboard will show the sales records while on a call with the contact to quickly show the agent past sales history.

Screenshots below shows new Sales tab within Agent Dashboard.

Matching contact with Sales record(s):guest-sales-agent-disposition.png


Matching Contact with NO Sales record(s):no-sales-agent-dash.png

Property Management System


  1. Fixed Transfer Funds issue to not allow transfer from a folio to a reservation that is currently checked-in or checked-out. If the reservation is checked-in or out the transfer needs to go to the folio instead of the reservation.
  2. Fixed issue with Unit Profile not loading correctly if Custom Data Type was deleted in configuration settings.
  3. Fixed issue on Owner Profiles when attaching a new Unit to an Owner. If you clicked the 'Attach' button twice quickly then two records could be created. The 'Attach' button will now deactivate after being clicked once.
  4. Fixed Booking Fee Issues: 1) Fixed an issue where the system would not allow more than one booking fee per unit/reservation. 2) Fixed an issue where the end date on a booking fee was not working.
  5. Fixed issue with Tape Chart not displaying correctly when searching for a unit with a name with a special character in it like # sign.
  6. Folio Analysis Report updated to include Net Rent as a column.
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