Release Notes | October 12, 2017


New Sales Link: StreamLine Vacation Rental Software

If you use Streamline Vacation Rental Software as your property management system, TRACK Pulse has a new Sales Link connection for you which will help you keep your Pulse sales data and your PMS reservation data in sync.

If you use Streamline Vacation Rental Software and TRACK Pulse please contact support at to learn more and to take advantage of this new connection.

New Follow-Up Date Quick Select Date/Time Buttons on Lead Form

New buttons allow users to quickly move the follow-up date forward to Now (N), Forward 1 Hour (+1H), Forward 1 Day (+1D), Forward 1 Week (+1W).



  1. + Lead Button from Contact
    • When viewing a contact you can now go to the Leads tab and add a lead to the contact. If there is already an open lead you will not be able to add another until you close that existing open lead.
  2. Copy Queue
    • New copy button that allows you to copy your Group and Agent Queues.
    • Copying a group queue will move the same agents, and all settings. User copying will only need to only change the name.
    • Copying a personal Queue will copy everything over except the assigned agent.
    • Move Queue Type to the first field on the Add/Edit page.
    • Personal Queue
      • We moved the Agent Select to field to the #2 field and set the Queue Name to default to the Agent Name (on create only).
    • Group Queue
      • The #2 Field will be Name, and selecting agents that are apart of the group queue will be at the bottom of the screen (like it is today).
  3. Copy Agent
    • New copy button on the Agent page that allows you to copy the agent data over to create a new agent quickly. This functionality copies everything except:  Agent selected, Agent Queue, or Chat Name.
  4. Add Active filter to Queues page so you will only see active queues by default.
  5. Copy Campaign URL: New Copy campaign URL button on View Campaign and Campaigns list page.
  6. New Lead Preference to require Follow-up Date on the lead to be filled in and if creating a new lead the follow-up date needs to be set for a future date.
  7. Lead Activity Report fixed and performance increased.
  8. Push / Roll Up Report fixed a few data points to be consistent with other reports.
  9. Changed timeout on third party legs to 60 seconds.
  10. Minor Updates to Executive Summary reports to make calculations consistent with all other reports.
  11. Web Chat: Correct routing to look at capacity first and then last conversation only if capacity is equal.
  12. Added Totals to the bottom of the Call Volume Series report.
  13. Added the Handled field and description to the Call Diagram
  14. Fixed issue Lead within Agent Dashboard where if you select the Arrival Date it would not fill in the Nights and Departure Date automatically. Now you can select the Arrival Date and it will fill in the Nights as 1 and Departure Date to next date.
  15. Fixed issue when closing winning a lead that the new value will start from 0 instead of trying to add to the value already entered into the Value field.
  16. Selection of a follow-up date on a Lead will fill in time of 8:00 am instead of 12:00 am by default.

Property Management System


  1. Set Unit Transaction Report to published.
  2. Check-in Report fixed and performance increased.
  3. HomeAway Quote Issue: Fixed the itemized fee not showing as broken out & rounding issues.
  4. Fixed 3 Edit Reservation Issues: 1) Switching reservation types did not update the deposit type correctly when going from not charging rates to charging rates. 2) Switching reservation type will select best available rate type. 3) Switching to weekly rate from rack rate was not using the correct weekly rate value.
  5. Fixed Checks & Payments page loading performance issues.
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