How to Transfer Calls in the Call Control Tab

The only way to transfer calls through TRACK Pulse is through the Call Control Tab located on the right hand side of the Agent Dashboard.  TRACK Pulse only has the ability to transfer inbound calls.  Outbound calls cannot be transferred.  The process is quite simple:

While on an inbound phone call, click on the Call Control Tab on the right hand side of the screen to open the tab.  Once the tab is open, you’ll see additional call functionality.



To transfer a call, you will need to press the TRANSFER.

Clicking the TRANSFER button will open up a notification box in the middle of your screen.  Four tabs will be visible: Directory, Number, Queue, Agents.  These are your four destination options when transferring.


Directory: This opens up all Directory Numbers set up within your TRACK Pulse system.  Typically these will be phone numbers that are part of your company but not directly using TRACK Pulse. Simply select the Directory Number from the dropdown menu and press TRANSFER.


Number: This tab will give you the option to transfer the call to an outside number of your choosing.  You will need to enter the number and press TRANSFER.


Queue: This tab will allow you to transfer the call to another Group Queue within TRACK Pulse.  However, it should be noted that not every company will have multiple Group Queues.


Agents: If you would like to transfer a call to a specific agent, this is the tab you’ll want.  As long as an Agent has their own Personal Queue, and is signed into TRACK with a status of Active-Available, you can transfer calls to them.


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