How to Execute a Warm Call Transfer

One of the functions available to you within the Call Control Tab is the ability to add a third party to a phone call.  Since outbound calls do not have the ability to be transferred, you can use the Add Party function to do a Warm Call Transfer

While on a phone call, open up the Call Control Tab and click the ADD PARTY button. You will then receive the drop down of where you want to transfer the call. Once you do this it will start ringing to connect you to the new recipient of the call. Once the two parties are connected you can then Hang-Up the call on your end and they will still be connected.  

If you want to tell the new party who is calling, then you can put the Guest on Hold and do the steps above.  You can then tell the new party who you are sending to them, take the guest off hold and they will be connected which you can then Hang up. 










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