Release Notes | October 23, 2017



  1. Added new Lead preference to allow past dates on leads for arrival and departure.
  2. Agent Call Diagram report category updates.

Property Management System

New Activity Stream and Approve button on Maint. Work Orders.

  1. Added new activity stream to Maint. work orders which will log any internal notes/messages, approvals, and status changes.
  2. Added new 'Approve' button so work orders can be approved by different users.
  3. Added 'Save Note' button so internal notes can be added to activity stream.
  4. Moved work order tasks to new Tasks tab.
  5. Moved current 'Status Log' tab into new activity stream.



  1. Fixed the "Last Assigned To" column on the Housekeeping Unit Status page to pull in the correct last assigned to user.
  2. Fixed issue if a refund is voided from Checks and Payments, it did not create the link transaction for the void in a reservation or folio.
  3. Fixed issue where system was not changing the check number on the check stubs when printing a batch of checks. 
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