Release Notes | November 10, 2017


New Agent Negligence Notifications - Status Exceeded

As an agent you can now receive notifications when you are in a busy status or in an away status too long. For example if you are in 'Busy - Wrap-up' for a period longer than the company wants you to be then you will be notified.


To turn this notification on or off click on the 'Settings' button on the Agent Dashboard and click the checkbox next to the 'Status Exceeded' field.


Other Notifications

Two other new notifications are also available: New Voicemail Message and New Email On Your Leads. These notifications are also available to turn on/off within 'Settings' button on the Agent Dashboard.

New Voicemail Message Notification

Receive notification when a new voicemail comes into the system. You will receive a notification if you are logged into the system and a voicemail is left on a lead you are assigned to. You will also receive a notification if you are on the voicemail box and agent assigned is not logged into the Agent Dashboard.

New Email On Your Leads Notification

Receive notification when a guest sends you back an email on one of your assigned leads.

New Unread Emails and Unlistened To Voicemails

Check your unread emails and unlistened to voicemails easily as we've added new tabs to the already existing Emails and Voicemail pages. Once someone views the email or voicemail the system will remove from this section.


Emails and Voicemails will also show up in the Lead Activity Stream and you will be able to mark an email as read or a voicemail as listened to.

New Sales Importer

New Sales Importer allows you to upload your sales/reservations into TRACK easily and will match against existing contacts uploaded into system.



  1. Leads: Fixed issue where leads did not sort correctly by ID.
  2. Updated Agent Conversation Productivity report to include brand filter.
  3. Call Scoring: Changed limit on scored and not scored calls list to 14 days instead of 1 month.
  4. Update made to show routing result in call log

Property Management System


  1. Fixed issue with Taxes by Type report where report did not include taxes on work order charges.
  2. Added Unit Start Date to CSV Export on the Unit On/Off Program Report.
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