How to Setup a Voicemail Box?

To setup a Voicemail Box go to Configuration > Pulse Setup > Voicemail Boxes. Click on the +Voicemail Box button in the top right corner to create a new Voicemail.

Once on the Create Voicemail Box screen, fill out the following fields:

Name: Name your Voicemail Box. The name entered will be viewed throughout the setup areas wherever you can select a voicemail box.

Voicemail Greeting: Upload a greeting/recording that will be used when someone calls a number and gets to a voicemail box. If you do not upload a recording the system will use a default recording in a woman's voice with the message, 'We are available at this time, please leave a voicemail.'. You can upload a different recording if you would like. File uploaded should be of file type .mp3.

Enable Transcription: Allows agents to view a text version of a voicemail recording without listening to it. This service will incur an additional cost of $0.05 per minute. Maximum length is 2 minutes.

Max Length (secs.): Allows you to set the number of seconds a caller has to leave a voicemail message.

Play Beep: Tells the system to make a beep sound after the Voicemail Greeting is completed.

Silence Timeout (secs.): System will hang up a call if no sound is recorded for the specified number of seconds.

Notification Email: Set the email address the system sends when a voicemail is recorded.

Agents: All voicemail boxes are considered shared. You may limit access to voicemail messages to certain agents. If no agents are specified, then the box is available to all agents.

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