How to Setup Phone Numbers

To setup a Number go to Configuration > TRACK Pulse tab > Numbers. Once you have purchased or synced your numbers from Twilio your phone numbers will appear on this page.

To edit a phone number, click on the Edit button. Once on the Edit Number screen, fill out the following fields:

Friendly Name
This is your name for this number. This name will also show in caller id selection when used as caller id.
Campaign to associate with all inbound calls to this number or address.
Call Plan
The call routing plan in use with this number or address.
Use As Caller ID
Allow agents to use this number as caller id when making outbound calls. This is not available for SIP Addresses.
Use with Text Messaging
Allow this number to be used to send or receive text messages.
Emergency Routing Number
This is optional. In the case of an error, or if emergency routing is turned on, use this number instead of the default emergency routing number to route calls.


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