How to Connect my Twilio Account to TRACK?

Connecting your Twilio account to TRACK is easy to do. You will need to login to both your Twilio account and TRACK account.

First go into your Twilio account and get into the account that you want to connect with TRACK. Once you are in the correct account, under the main page you can click a link to the right that is named 'Show API Credentials'. This will drop down a section that will show you your Twilo's Account SID and Auth Token. Both the Account SID and Auth Token need to get entered into TRACK.

Next, go into your TRACK system and go under Configuration > TRACK Pulse tab > Preferences.

Within the Preferences screen there is a field to enter Twilio Account SID and a field to enter Twilio Auth Token. After you populate these fields from Twilio press the 'Save Settings' button. After saving the screen click the 'Test Twilio Keys' button to the right in the Preferences screen to make sure both Twilio and TRACK are connected together. If the two systems have successfully connected together you will get a success message. If the two system have not connected properly together you will get a fail message.

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