How to create an agent?

Creating an Agent

Note: A user must be created before an agent can be created for that user. Please create user here.

1. Go to Settings->Pulse Setup->Agents

2. Click on the green add agent button AddAgentIcon.PNG

3. Choose the user that you want to make an agent from the drop down

4. Assign an Agent Role

5. Assign a Global Rank for call priority

6. Enable Calls/Enable Chat

7. Choose how you want those routed (Auto or Manual)

8. Personal Queue (We will come back to this at the end)

9. Assign the agent to the queues you want them taking calls/chats in


10. On the Call tab select which default caller ID you want for that agent (left blank it will use the        company default)

11. Disable Inbound Call Recording for this specific agent

12. Disable Outbound Call Recording for this specific agent

13. Create a destination where the agent will be answering calls

            Remote Client if they will be using their computer for audio

            Phone Number if they have a desk phone with a DID

            SIP Client if those devices are being used


14. On the Chat Tab you can assign the display name of the agent

15. How many chats can that agent take at one time

16. Save the Agent and then create Agent Queue (agent queues are required for transferring calls        within TRACK between agents)


Create an Agent Queue by going to Settings->Pulse Setup->Queues

Click on the green add queue button AddQueueIcon.PNG

19. Make the type “Agent”

20. Select the name of the user that will be made an agent

21. Select if you want this queue active or not

22. Select the type of routing you want for this personal queue (Best practice is to leave it on Auto)

23. Assign a group if applicable

24. Choose a call failover action for this queue

25. Enable/Disable Queue with Away Agents

26. Select a default lead type

27. Upload a personalized queue greeting

28. Enable/Disable the Greeting

29. Add Wait Music (if left blank it will use the system default wait music)

30. Save Queue to complete


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