Release Notes | August 18, 2016


Sale Records and Sales Link Updates

Below are updates made to the Sales records in the system when a Sales Link (a supported property management system) is activated within your account.

  1. Sales page updated to show Arrival Date, Departure Date, Nights, Adults, Children, Units, and Unit Types. Data pulled in and shown from data provided by Sales Link.
  2. Add entity updates to support additional references on contact.
  3. Added changes to handle updates via existing sales link clients.
  4. Updates to sales link page: Brand selection and value configuration to select use of Rent, Extras/Fees, and/or Taxes when Close Winning a lead.
  5. Updates to already existing Sales Link to IQWare to pull in new fields on Sales records.
  6. Fix bugs and added code to default system based on brand for leads.
  7. Backend work on updating client specifications.
  8. Fixed issue with matching on leads.
  9. Fixed issue with contact matching code and user will now be prompted to update contact if contact from Sales Link and Pulse do not match.

Property Management System


  1. Fixed telephone widget on New Reservation page to save correctly.
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