Adding Agents to Voicemail Boxes

To add agents to the voicemail box, allowing them to access voicemails, take a look at the following steps:


 Getting to 'Voicemail Boxes':

1. Click on 'Configuration' in the top right corner of the system.

2. Under the 'Pulse Setup' tab, look for Call Routing.  In that column, click on 'Voicemail Boxes.'

Setting Up 'Voicemail Boxes' and Adding Agents:

1. Click '+Voicemail Box.'

2. Once you click into 'Voicemail Boxes,' a number of variable entry boxes will appear where you can fill out the name of your voicemail, length of voicemail, whether or not to play a "beep" when the voicemail starts, and where to send an email notification when a voicemail is left.  Keep in mind, a voicemail greeting will need to be provided so we can upload that for you.

3. Under Access Control, you will click the box and a drop-down will appear.  Click the agents you want to have access to this particular voicemail box.

4.  After you have added your agents, click 'Save Box' to save that voicemail box.  To add an agent that wasn't added in the initial setup, head down to Access Control, click the open space in the box, and the drop-down will appear where you can add additional agents.  Keep in mind, this drop-down pulls from 'Agents' so make sure that is filled out first.

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