How to Set Up and Edit 'Email Templates'

Why is the 'Email Templates' feature important?

The 'Email Templates' feature enables users to create templates for various scenarios for users to use to make emailing much more efficient.  Instead of typing out each individual email, users can select a template and the information will auto populate vital information such as the contact's name, lead value, and campaign tracking number without the user having to type that in.


How to get to email templates:

1. Click 'Configuration'

2. Click 'CRM Setup' in the blue bar toward the top

3. Click 'Email Templates' under 'General'


How to create and edit email templates:

1. Click '+Template'

2. In 'Template Settings,' you will name what the email template is.  If it is an email template regarding group sales, title it something that details that - 'Group Template' or 'Wedding Template.'  Check 'Yes' to make the template active for use.  Under the active box, you'll find the 'Subject' line.  What you put here is what the recipient will see when an email is sent to them.  You can type what you want it to say or click '+Field' to open fields that will allow the system to pull data from the contact and lead forms to the email template, making a quick and efficient way to always have the correct information instantly.

3. Under 'HTML Content,' you'll find the body of the email template.  Like the subject, you can type whatever you'd like the email to say or hit '+Field' to pick fields you want the email template to pull from.  For example, {{contact.firstname}} will pull the first name on the contact form into the space where you put this field.  {{lead.agent}} will pull the agent that is assigned to the lead.  Usually, this field goes at the bottom as a signature.  Where ever you add that field, that is where the information will be placed.  This makes it a quick and easy way for a user to simply click the template they want to use and all the vital information for that email will already be pulled from the contact and lead forms.

4. 'Attach Files' - You can attach pictures or files here by uploading them to TRACK Pulse.  You can choose to add them to your library as well so they will be stored within Pulse so you do not need to constantly upload the photo or file.

5.  Once finished, click 'Save Template' to save the email template.  It is the same process for editing an email template.

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