How Do I Setup My 'Lost Reasons?'

What are 'Lost Reasons?'

'Lost Reasons' are the reasons an agent selects when closing out a lead.  It is answering why the lead was closed lost.

Why are 'Lost Reasons' important?

'Lost Reasons' are important to have because it shows, on each closed lost lead, why it was closed lost.  This allows the company to analyze their lost leads and see how they can prevent certain lost reasons from happening in the future.

Getting to the 'Lost Reasons' setup page:

1. Login to TRACK Pulse.

2. Click 'Configuration' in the top right corner.

3. Click 'CRM Setup' tab.

4. Under 'Leads' section, you will find 'Lost Reasons.'  Click 'Lost Reasons' to access your list of lost reasons.

Setting up 'Lost Reasons':

1. In the top right, click the green box titled, '+Lost Reason' to add a new lost reason.

2. The first step to setting up the new lost reason is titling the reason.  You will put the title of the reason under 'Label.'

3. By default, creating the lost reason will make the lost reason active.  If you want it active, leave the 'Active' box checked.

4. If the lost reason is only for auto closed leads, check the 'Auto Close Reason Only.'

5. Click 'Save Lost Reasons' to save the lost reason or hit 'Back To Lost Reasons' if you do not want to save it.

6. If you would like to edit any lost reasons, click the green 'Edit' box to on the right side of the screen that corresponds to that lost reason.  If you want to delete a lost reason, hit 'Delete.'


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