Reopening and editing leads

If you need to reopen and/or edit a lead, please follow the steps below:


To get to the lead you want to reopen/edit:

1. On the toolbar to the far left, hover over 'CRM' and click on 'Leads.'

2. To find the lead you want to edit, toggle through the pages or enter in the ID in the 'Search' box on the far right.  This will pull up your lead.

3. Click 'View' to open up that lead.

To reopen the lead:

1. Click the dark blue 'Reopen Box' box.

2. A pop up will appear, asking if you want to reopen this lead.  Click 'Reopen Lead' if you really want to open this lead.

To edit the lead:

1. Edit the lead fields you want to edit.

2. Click the green 'Update Lead' box on the bottom of the lead form.

FYI: You cannot reopen Archived Leads.

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