Release Notes | December 13, 2016



  1. Teams
  • Build out your teams within Configuration > Company setup > Teams.
  • All current report filters of Team updated to use new Teams instead of Roles.


  1. Renamed Manager Dashboard to Status Board
  2. Added new privilege to Status Board to access via Roles instead of using agent role.
  3. Added Disable Greeting flag for Greeting Audio within Queue page.


  1. Fix max wait failover on agent no-answer.
  2. Added prevent transfer until the call is connected.
  3. Fixed arrival date so default empty string will clear correctly when clearing date on disposition.
  4. Added Agent filter to Agent Productivity and Agent Daily Status Detail reports.
  5. Prevent phone lookup on non HomeAway sales links.

Property Management System

  1. Updated year end tax and annual statements
  • Added 2016 year
  • Updated 1099 and 1042-S forms to 2016 format
  • Added tax types of None, Rents, Other and Non Employee Compensation to Companies to fill out automatically when creating 1099s
  1. Moved pet information box the right column on checkout page of Online Booking Engine.
  2. Fixed issue calculating deposit on Online Booking Engine.
  3. Updated label from Check-in Office to Local Office within Guest App.
  4. Added preference to disable sending guest app invite.
  5. Fixed issue with reservation types not getting removed correctly from Booking Fees setup page.
  6. Fixed calculating tax issue when realizing rates nightly, on check-in, checkout, or monthly.
  7. Fixed issue with fee taxes on Online Booking Engine.
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