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How do you turn on outbound call recording?

To turn on outbound call recording you will need to go into Configuration > Pulse Setup tab > Click Preferences under System Setup section > Recording tab > Click Outbound Recording checkbox.

Outbound Call Recording requires an acceptance of an additional rider to your company's agreement with Track Hospitality Software, LLC. The aforementioned language displayed may already be present in your agreement. The user turning on the outbound call recording and accepting the additional agreement rider needs to be someone from your company that has authorization to do so. It is your responsibility to make sure that person that has access to this page is also a person that has authority to turn on such feature on behalf of your company.

Once you've accepted the terms and saved your preferences page, Track will be notified that you've accepted the additional rider to your agreement. We will log which user activated the outbound call recording and at what date/time. From that point on it is your company's responsibility to ensure all agents are in compliance.

Agent compliance on recorded outbound calls

Several states require both parties to be notified when a call may be recorded. It will be your company's responsibility to ensure that your agents are in compliance with these laws.

When an agent calls out of TRACK Pulse the system will remind the agent that they need to let the guest know that call recording is enabled on this call. The agent MUST notify the guest that the call may be recorded as part of their greeting. If the guest declines, you must disable recording or terminate the call.

Additionally, TRACK Pulse gives you the option to disable outbound call recording on an individual agent. If you would like to disable outbound recording on an agent go to Configuration > Pulse Setup tab > Agents > Add/Edit Agent. Once on the Add/Edit page you will see an option to disable outbound call recording.






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