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This article will help explain how the TrackHS year end tools works and provides the detailed steps necessary to submit a batch electronic file to IRS FIRE system.

FIRE = Filing Information Returns Electronically

Below are details to submit an electronic batch file which includes a batch of tax forms either 1042-S or 1099 (must be submitted individually for a given year) to the IRS.  A batch file is a specific file format that the IRS supports and allows an easy bulk electronic upload of multiple tax forms. You will have to generate a batch file for each form type and tax year, however multiple batch files can be submitted and they may also include tax form amendments.

TrackHS does not automatically submit the Batch file fo you, TrackHS simply takes the tax forms you’ve generated and provides a downloadable file according to the FIRE file specifications, you will then download this file to your computer and manually login and upload the file to your FIRE account.

To submit a file to IRS you will need to login or create a FIRE account

Once you have an account we recommend submitting the file to the FIRE test environment which can be found here.

To generate a batch file in TrackHS you must have all you tax forms created.  Tax Forms can be created in the following ways.

  1. Owner Year End, We have provided an Owner Year End tool which will help simplify generating tax forms for your owners.  First you must create all your monthly owner statements. Once all the monthly owner statements have been generated you can generate both the annual statement and tax forms at the same time with the Owner Year End tool.
  2. Vendor Year End, we have provided a tool to easily generate vendor tax forms by selecting the tax year and vendor.  The tool will find all the payments to that vendor for the tax year provided and fill out the tax form based on information saved for that vendor.
  3. Manually, we support the option of manually creating a new tax form, you can enter in the details and save, once created it may be included in a batch.

You can read more about the FIRE system here:

TrackHS currently supports electronic filing for both 1099 and 1042-S tax forms.  To generate the batch file we followed the specifications provided by IRS, which can be found here:



A few things to note:

  • Once a batch has been downloaded you are not able to modify/delete that batch anymore.  Once you download we expect you will upload to FIRE system and once its been uploaded it cannot change.  If there are any changes you will need to amend the tax form and re-submit. However, if for some reason during testing you download a batch and decide not to submit to FIRE and still need to modify/delete you will have to contact TrackHS support team to remove the download flag so you can modify/delete.  Again you can modify/delete the batch files as long as you haven’t downloaded it.
  • Every year there are changes to the tax forms and format of the FIRE file, as soon as they are published we work hard to make the necessary modifications and test before the deadlines, however the FIRE test system is not always available and can sometimes take a significant amount of time to get results of a test file.  If you find any issues with tax form generation, printing, or batch generation please submit a ticket and let us know as soon as possible.
  • If you have a FIRE test account and want us to help with testing (and have created your tax forms) we would be happy to login to your TrackHS account, create a test batch file with a few tax forms, and submit to your FIRE Test account.  All you will need to provide is your login username & password for FIRE test account, also please verify the login works by going to and logging in, the credentials for your test account may be different than for your live account.

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