Reservation Refund


This report shows Reservation and Folio charges that have been refunded over a specified duration of time.




Patrick will fill this part in with information regarding how frequently this report should be used, the use-case scenarios, and other information for the client.






Start Date Date Yes The first date with refunded transactions.
End Date Date Yes The last date with refunded transactions.
Reservation Type Multi-Select No The type of reservation that was booked.
Unit Name Single Select No The name of the unit that was booked.
Users Multi-Select No The name of the user who refunded the transaction.
Payment Type Multi-Select No The type of payment that was used in the refunded transaction.
Locations Multi-Select No The location of a set of units.
Roles Multi-Select No The specific role assigned to the unit.

Data Dictionary

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Date Date The refunded transaction date. 2018-01-01
Res # Number The Reservation ID - links to the reservation page. 10001
Folio # Number The Folio ID - links to the folio page. 10002
Res Type String The type of reservation that was booked. Guest
Location String The location of the unit that was booked. Cottage Grove, MN
Unit String The name of the unit that was booked. Olde English 800 Room
Guest String The name of the guest that was refunded. Fred Flinstone
Refunded By String The username of the agent who completed the refund.
Memo String A description of the refund. Guest switched to a new room.
Amount Number The amount that was refunded for the specified transaction. $24.54


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