Last Call Action


This report follows the workflow of each inbound call received from the time it is answered by System until the time it is ended.  The results shown are an aggregated total of the final status of each of these calls over the selected time period for an individual queue.









Start Date Date Yes The start date of the final action in the call workflow.
End Date Date Yes The end date of the final action in the call workflow.

Data Dictionary

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Queues String The name of the Queue that received the last call action. Existing Leases
Answered Number The system menu acknowledged a call came through but got no further in the workflow. 5
System Hangup Number The system hangs up on the caller while in the system menu because of inactivity.  (The menu is automatically looped through twice and then hangs-up if no response was made by caller). 5
Transfer Number The call was transferred to a new queue, new agent, or outside of the Track system and is no longer handled by an agent in Track. 5
Voicemail Number The call is sent to voicemail as an indicated desired response.  (Track can be setup to send all calls to voicemail after hours). 5
Queue - Hangup Number The caller hung-up the call while they were waiting in queue. 5
Queue - Failover Number The call was transferred to a new queue due to a failover.  There are 3 types of queue failovers: Full Failover, Max Wait Failover, and Overflow Failover.  5
Queue - Exit Number The caller pressed * (star) while in the queue to exit and proceeded to voicemail. 5
Agent - Answered Number The desired response where the agent was able to speak with the client. 5
Totals Number The total amount of inbound calls received on this queue. 40


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