Call Volume - Aggregation


This report shows the total call volume as a visualization in a bar chart and also with the full hour by hour summary of the breakdown in the data section beneath it.  







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Start Date Date Yes The start date range of when the call entered the system.
End Date Date Yes The end date range of when the call entered the system.
Direction Single Select No Choose to view All Calls, Inbound, or Outbound.
Campaign Single Select No The name of the campaign in which the call was associated to.
Conversation Result Single Select No The dispositioned result of the call that came into the system.
Queues Multi Select No The name of the queue that the call was routed to.
 Queue Group Multi Select No The name of the group that contains the queue the call was routed to.
Agents Multi Select No The name of the Agent on the call.
Brand Multi Select No The name of the brand that the call was associated with.

Data Dictionary

Call Volume Aggregation - Bar Graph

X-Axis: The range of dates from the chosen Start Date to End Date of the report shown by the hour of the day.

Y-Axis: The volume of calls over the chosen period.

Tooltip: Highlighting a point on the chart will show the data and the total call volume associated with that hour.


Column Name Data Type Description Example
Hour Date The time stamp of the calls. 8:00 AM
Total Number The total amount of calls that have been taken within the specified time range. 10


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