How to Use Insights


Track Insights is the new reporting engine for Track HS.  Reports that had previously existed in the application are now available as updated interactive dashboards.  




Directory Structure

The directory structure is listed on the left side of the window and can be collapsed or expanded by the user.  All of the reports that a user has access to will appear in this section similar to how they are organized in the current application.

Title Bar

The top of the window contains the title of the Dashboard as well as a timestamp of the last updated date of data for this dashboard.  To the right side of the title bar contains a PDF button that allows the user to generate a PDF of the entire dashboard.


The filters are located on the right side of the window and can be collapsed or expanded by the user.  Each filter can be edited by the User with a wide range of options available.


Each section in the main dashboards screen is called a 'widget'.  The widgets are interactive in many cases and allow users to click or hover over the visualizations to gather more information.  In some cases you may be able to right click a portion of a widget and 'drill' down further.


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