How To Send An Owner Portal Invite To An Owner

To send a new Owner contact an invite to your TRACK Owner Portal do the following:

  1. When logged into your TRACK system, access 'Owner Profiles' in the left menu.
  2. Search and find the owner and click on their name.
  3. Once on the Owner Profile, click on the 'Contacts' tab.
  4. Next to the contact you want to send an invite click the Actions button and click the 'Invite' option in the dropdown.
    1. If there is no option of 'Invite' in this dropdown it means that the owner has already been invited and set a password. In this case please read our article on 'Forgot Password to Owner Portal'.


After clicking the 'Invite' option the owner will be sent an email to their primary email with instructions to login including setting a new password.

Owner Portal example login page: (switch yourdomain with your domain)

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