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This report shows the flow of a call from the time it enters the system and gets assigned to an agent until the time the call is finished.  A call may be answered by one agent and transferred to another agent which differentiates this report from the Call Diagram report as an individual call in this case is not distinct. It goes through each of the steps in the flow so that the end user can see where there calls are going.











Start Date Date Yes The start date range of when the call was assigned to an agent.
End Date Date Yes The end date range of when the call was assigned to an agent.
Direction Single Select No Choose to view All Calls, Inbound, or Outbound.
Agents Multi Select No The name of the Agent on the call.

Data Dictionary

Call Diagram Sankey Diagram

Node: Each node will show the total amount of calls that made it into that stage from the Total.

Link: The link will show how many calls went from that particular stage into the next stage of the call.

Tooltip: If you have over the Node it will show how many calls made it to that Stage.  If you hover over the link you will see how many calls went from one node to the next.

Information Chart

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Call Stage String The stage the call is in from the beginning to the end of the call. Agent Calls
Call Count Number The total amount have calls that have been assigned to agents at the particular stage of the call flow. 1356
Description String More information about the stage that the call is currently in. Any incoming our outgoing call that got routed to an Agent.


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