Agent Conversation Results


The Agent Conversation Result report shows a count of all calls that have been dispositioned by the primary agent on the call along with the end result of that call grouped by the primary agent.









Start Date Date Yes The start date range of when the call or chat entered the system.
End Date Date Yes The end date range of when the call or chat entered the system.
Conversation Type Single Select No Select to view All Conversations (default), calls, or chats.
Call Direction Single Select No Select whether calls are inbound, outbound, or both.
Conversation Result Multi Select No The result of the chat or call.
 Queue Group Multi Select No The name of the group that contains the queue the call or chat was routed to.
Brand Multi Select No The name of the brand that the call or chat was associated with.

Data Dictionary


Column Name Data Type Description Example
Agent String The name of the Agent who dispositioned the call. Admin User
Conversation Result Columns Number The total number of calls that were dispositioned as the conversation result in the column. 10


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