Owner Ledger


The Owner Ledger shows the transactions and running balance for each owner for a selected time period.








Start Date Date Yes The start date range of the transactions.
End Date Date Yes The end date range of the transactions.
Owner Company Multi-Select No The name of the Company Owner of the Unit.
Company Status Single Select No Select to view all, active, or inactive companies.
Locations Multi-Select No The location of a set of units.
Roles Multi-Select No The specific role assigned to the unit.

Data Dictionary

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Txn Id Number The Transaction ID 86439
Date Date The transaction date. Apr 4, 2018
Type String The type of transaction that took place. Bill Payment
Unit String The name of the unit that was booked. Olde English 800 Room
Memo String A note that is made about this transaction. Check payment made to owner
Related String Objects that are related to the transaction are linked here. Owner #2
Amount Number The total value of the transaction. $500.00
Balance Number The running total of the Owner Ledger as of each transaction. $100.00


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