Owner Trial Balance


The Owner Trial Balance report shows Starting Balance, Ending Balance, the sum of all debits and credits, along with the net change for an Owner within the selected date range.








Start Date Date Yes The start date range of the transactions.
End Date Date Yes The end date range of the transactions.
Owner Company Multi-Select No The name of the Company Owner of the Unit.
Company Status Single Select No Select to view all, active, or inactive companies.

Data Dictionary

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Owner Id Number The Owner Id - links to the Owner Object. 3
Owner Name String The name of the Owner. George Washington
Owner Ledger String Click to view the Owner Ledger for this particular owner and date range. View
Starting Balance Number The starting balance including the opening balance as of the start date selected. $1000.00
Debit Number Increase to the owner ledger account. $500.00
Credit Number Decrease to the owner ledger account. $300.00
Ending Balance Number The ending balance including the opening balance as of the end date selected. $1200.00
Net Change Number The difference between the Debits and Credits to the Owner Ledger Account for this period. $200.00


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